I recently discovered this amazing application!

GoBabyClub app – A Step Ahead – Puts loving fun into baby development 

The GoBabyClub App is a great way to have fun while bonding with baby and assisting with the development of important motor and sensory development.

GoBabyClub_Home Screen

This fun application is a great  interactive application for parents and caregivers with 240 development activities with video clips and pictures. Each sequence consists of fun ways to emotionally bond with your little bundle of joy. The application covers the main aspects of your little one’s development from 3 – 12 months of age through postive encourgement, music and rhymes.

Music and rhyme stimulates baby’s language development and increases the ability in spatial reasoning, enhancing your child’s mathematical and scientific abilities later on.

The GoBabyClub app focuses on six main baby development categories, including:


Sensory development: hearing, tactile, taste, smell & vision

Fine motor skills: hand-eye, foot-eye coordination

Cognitive development: musical instruments, language development and early maths

Gross motor skills: tummy time, balancing – roll over and sitting up, lap time, large motor movement and vestibular stimulation

Body awareness and emotional development: proprioception, hand development, stretching, midline crossing & facial awareness

Memory boosting: flashcards, Peek-a-boo & Where is?


GoBabyClub_Music Library


The GoBabyClub app also features:

  • Baby Massage and Acupressure in aid of relaxing your baby as well as addressing everyday concerns such as teething, sleeping etc.
  • Baby Yoga Love – yoga-based fun post-natal exercises for mothers, whilst bonding with their babies
  • Helpful Baby Tips and Hints equipping parents with information to cope with challenges


GoBabyClub_Tips & Hints

Available to purchase for R84.99 per month via App Store & R79.99 via Play Store.


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