Mommy Weight loss Series – Jessica Viljoen

Welcome to the third installment of my new Mommy Weight loss series!

Every week I will be interviewing a super mommy who will motivate, inspire and encourage you to lose the preggie weight and become fit and healthy. The most important lesson learnt along the way is self love and acceptance of your new body which brought the most beautiful little blessing into this world!

Today we are chatting to Jessica Viljoen.


Please tell us a little bit about yourself:

I’m 32, I’m a skincare therapist and run my own salon from home, which is fabulous, suits me so well to have flexible hours and be my own boss! Have a squiz,!  I’ve been married for almost 8 years to my soulmate, and we have two beautiful daughters.    I love red wine and chocolate, and while I try hard to live a healthy lifestyle, those are two things I cannot do without!

How old are your little ones?

Mia is almost 5 and Ella is 15 months old


Did you have a difficult /easy pregnancy?

I was lucky, I had relatively easy pregnancies, although second time around I couldn’t quite rest as much as I did during my first pregnancy. I had the usual preggy-related ailments such as heartburn, leg cramps and some insomnia.


Were you active before your pregnancy?

I enjoy going to the gym, and before trying to conceive I did my best to be in good shape, to start off at a healthy pre-pregnancy weight.


Did you stay active during pregnancy?

I tried to, but definitely didn’t exercise as much as I did before pregnancy. Where I normally would aim for 4 gym workouts in a week, I probably only did about one a week, and then lots of walking.


How much weight did you gain?

With my first pregnancy I gained 15kg. I lost it all and was at exactly the same pre-pregnancy weight when I fell pregnant with Ella. Then, I proceeded to tell myself it’s my last pregnancy, it’s the last time to let go and just eat whatever I want and however much I want, and ended up gaining 20kg with my second pregnancy.

Progress2 (1)

How much weight have you lost?

I have lost 18kg of the 20kg I picked up. Two more to go until pre-pregnancy weight, and then another 3-5kg to get to goal weight.  Getting there, slowly but surely!


What positive things did you gain?

I feel in awe of my body, creating two such beautiful perfect little people. Stretchmarks and a flabby tummy are so insignificant when compared to the wonder of pregnancy and birth.


What did you do to lose the pregnancy weight?

Make healthy food choices, and exercise regularly. That’s basically what it comes down to! I focus on eating less carbs, small portions, healthy snacks.  I try and get to the gym at least 3-4 times a week, and then I aim to do an hour’s workout, consisting of both cardio and strength training.

What was your biggest motivation?

I want to feel fit and healthy, and I want to set a good example to my daughters. It’s so important to me that they must have good body images and self-confidence.

What was your biggest challenge?

During the first couple of months with a baby in the house, sleep deprivation caused me to feel the need to comfort-eat, and not have the energy to exercise as much as I wanted to.  Also, I tend to go through stages where I lose track of my vision and goals, where I don’t concentrate on eating right and exercising enough. I hate when I do that, because I always undo previous weeks’ hard work.  Then I go through stages where I feel focussed and motivated and inspired – long may these stages last!

What was/ is your favorite cheat meal?

Hamburger and chips, or pizza! Yum! I do allow for a cheat meal once a week, some things are just too tasty to deprive myself from completely!

What do you love most about your new body?

Not quite there yet – but I’m starting to feel more comfortable in my skin. In summary, it’s not so much a specific number I’m chasing on the scale, it’s more a feeling of contentment with my level of health and fitness, and fitting comfortably into my clothes.

Thank you Jessica for sharing your personal journey with us!

I’m sure we are all motivated to get moving after this amazing mommy weight loss transformation!

If you would like to be featured contact me!

Please share this amazing series with your friends and family and let’s encourage, motivate and inspire more mommies out there!


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