The importance of starting a healthy oral hygiene routine early & Chicco Toothpaste {Review}

Our little hasn’t stopped popping out teeth since he was 6 months old.


Six months later and he has 8 teeth already!


We started introducing good oral hygiene immediately before his first tooth appeared.

A good routine is imperative to introduce at an early age to prevent the onset of cavities.

What are cavities?

Cavities can appear soon after new teeth emerge. Cavities found in babies is most commonly known as babybottle tooth decay and is caused by frequent and long exposure to natural sugars found in baby’s milk, formula, fruit juice and sugar found in sweetened drinks. In Toddlers most sugars are found in carbohydrates and starches.When bacteria in the mouth mixes with these sugars a mild acid forms. This acid attacks the hard outer layer of baby’s teeth and over time causes cavities to appear.

Problems caused by poor oral hygiene:

Babies and toddlers need their teeth to chew, speak and smile. If teeth are infected or lost due to babybottle tooth decay it will affect speech development, eating habits, damage to permanent teeth and can increase crooked adult teeth later on.

How to prevent cavities:

  • Don’t fill baby bottles with sugary drinks or sugar water. Bottles should only be filled with milk, formula, water and dehydration solution
  • Don’t dip baby’s dummy/soother in anything sweet
  •  Juice diluted with half water should only be given in a sippy cup
  • Do not allow baby to fall asleep on a bottle, it leads to prolonged exposure to cavity causing sugars
  • Always wipe babies gums with gauze or a damp face cloth after feeding
  • Use a rice grain size of baby toothpaste and gently brush babies teeth as soon as they emerge 2-3x day
  • Try to get baby to drink from a cup by their first birthday
  • A healthy diet filled with lots of fruit, vegetables, dairy and Vitamin D which assists with the absorption of calcium
  • Make sure that baby sees the dentist for his first checkup no later than his/her first birthday.

How to treat cavities:

  • Check your little ones mouth regularly for inflamed gums or white, brown spots or pits in teeth and book an appointment with your dentist or pediatrician
  • Cavities can cause a lot of pain and lead to a mouth infection if not treated during early detection


Our oral hygiene routine:

We started using a clean wash cloth to wipe his gums after his feeds until we found Chicco Gum gel. The Chicco Gum gel can be used from 4 months and contains xylitol to reduce and prevent the accumulation of bacteria with added Chamomile to soothe sore teething gums.

As soon as our little boy turned one we were very excited to introduce his first baby toothpaste. Being a very fussy eater we were a little nervous. He absolutely loved the taste of the Strawberry Chicco Toothpaste and I even added a special song that we sing during brushing times to make it fun!




Chicco Toothpaste is a low abrasive tooth paste and contains Xylitol a natural extract to prevent tooth decay.

Preparation: Squeeze a small amount of toothpaste onto baby’s tooth / finger brush (the size of a grain of rice)

2015-06-26 15.49.49
Amount shown is only for demonstration purposes and does not indicate the correct amount that should be used. Always read package instructions for correct dosage.

User friendly: Easy to apply and very tasty!

My favorite feature: Chicco Toothpaste does not contain any preservatives and it’s gluten free!

Always consult your pediatrician before following any medical advice  

For more information about Chicco‘s amazing products you can find out here!



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