Mommy Weight loss Series – Cindy Alfino

Welcome to the second installment of my new Mommy Weight loss series!

Every week I will be interviewing a super mommy who will motivate, inspire and encourage you to lose the preggie weight and become fit and healthy. The most important lesson learnt along the way is self love and acceptance of your new body which brought the most beautiful little blessing into this world!

Today we are chatting to Cindy Alfino from 3 Kids, 2 Dogs and 1 Old House!


Please tell us a little bit about yourself:

My name is Cindy although I don’t hear that name nearly as much as I hear “MOOOOOOOOOM!”.  In case that didn’t give it away, I’m a Mom of three little people who all seem to demand my attention at the same time.  I’m married to the most fantastic man that I met when I was in high school and we’ve been together for about 12 years.  We live in beautiful Cape Town and love to spend our days exploring all the fun things to do here and in neighbouring towns.


Besides being a full time Mom, I also own and work at Incompass Insurance Consultants (yes, I do car and household insurance – don’t hold it against me) and when I’m not doing either of those things I blog over at my parenting and lifestyle blog: 3 Kids, 2 Dogs and 1 Old House.


How old are your little ones?

Kyla is 6, Riya-Ray is 5 and Knox is 3 in September.  We had a short space of just a year and two weeks between our first two kids.


Did you have a difficult /easy pregnancy?

Well, the first pregnancy with Kyla was pretty much textbook.  I had morning sickness until 13 weeks(ish) and then sailed through to the delivery devouring everything in sight.  With both Riya and Knox I had really, really horrible pregnancies.  I was SO sick and lethargic throughout the whole pregnancy (for both of them) that in both cases we induced early just so that it could be over.

Were you active before your pregnancy?

Um.  Not really.  I mean I didn’t just sit around all day and do nothing, but I never went to gym.  The term “work out” was pretty much foreign to me.


Did you stay active during pregnancy?

With Kyla I actively ate everything I could, does that count?  With the subsequent pregnancies I was pretty active, picking up, carrying, rocking and looking after little people  – motherhood is not all sleep time and playdates, though I’m sure all Moms know that.

How much weight did you gain?

In the first pregnancy I first lost about 2kg with the morning sickness, then added 12kg to to mix.  With the second I was so ill, but having been only 3 months since last being pregnant, I didn’t have a chance to lose any of the extra weight, so at the end of that pregnancy I was 14kg over my usual.  Then with the third pregnancy, even though I went down to my pre preggy weight before becoming pregnant AND being so sick, I still managed to put on like, 17kg.  Ugh.

How much weight have you lost?

Well it depends.  About a year after Knox was born I started running and watching what I ate.  So I lost all the baby weight and more.  I went down to just 50kg which I hadn’t been since I was in high school.  But then life got crazy and I stopped running and started chowing Nik Naks a little bit too frequently and I’m back to my regular weight of around 55kg.

What positive things did you gain?

I loved my super thin body (because being really thin is supposed to be a good thing but no one tells you that you’ll have NO boobs), but I didn’t like that I lost all my curves.  So being at a reasonable weight and feeling feminine and happy is what I gained through the experience.

What did you do to lose the pregnancy weight?

Running twice a week and eating much better than I think I ever have.  Cutting out all fast food, most “white” carbs and saying no to Nik Naks and Milo.  Now I try to do yoga to maintain my weight and build strength, while still being able to have more freedom over what I eat.

What was your biggest motivation?

Feeling good about myself again.  We got married when I was 20 and we had our first baby when I was 22, so I kind of missed out on the “prime” of my young life.  I wanted to get back to that so that I could still enjoy it, just with my kids at my side.  Although it’s fair to note that bikinis are still not an option, no amount of exercise can remove stretch marks.

What was your biggest challenge?

Finding time to go out and run – with three kids and not wanting to run alone, it got quite difficult.  Also I really hate not being able to eat what I want to eat when I want to eat it.  I want to enjoy my food and not just use it as fuel for my “fit” body.

What was/ is your favourite cheat meal?

Pizza.  With LOADS of cheese, bacon and avo. LOADS.

What do you love most about your new body?

I’m still finding it hard to love myself.  I think it’s the curse of our age – we’ll never quite be content with what we’ve got.  BUT I do love that I’ve managed to be disciplined enough to override my gut instinct to just let go and embrace the new rounder look, not that I have anything against it.  I just know that I need to be a healthy weight to at least be moderately content with myself.


Thank you Cindy for sharing your personal journey with us!

I’m sure we are all motivated to get moving after this amazing mommy weight loss transformation!

If you would like to be featured contact me!

Please share this amazing series with your friends and family and let’s encourage, motivate and inspire more mommies out there!



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