New home, sleepless nights, baby milestones and more coffee…

I think the title to this post pretty much sums it all up.

I don’t even know where to start…we moved home two weeks ago and only had one week to pack, while being hands on with our little boy. Shoo! I’m so glad that’s over! Moving can be extremely stressful for anyone in the family and with packing ahead of time it can really take off the edge. Well, this was our initial idea until our living conditions became so bad that we had to leave a month earlier than decided.

My top 5 tips for moving:

1. Make sure that all fragile contents are individually wrapped with lots of newspaper or put paper plates in between plates.

2. Mark boxes boldly with FRAGILE HANDLE WITH CARE and color code each box for each room.

3. Count the number of boxes for each room to avoid any boxes going missing.

4. Pack a suitcase with toiletries, a change of clothes, towels and medical supplies. These items will be needed once your move is done and you won’t have to go through a trillion boxes looking for them. An extra bag for baby’s nappies, toiletries, clothing etc.

5. When moving with a baby (like in our case) make sure that you have a camp cot/ carry cot handy, a bag of snacks and food/bottles, toys and familiar items like baby’s taglet or teddy. This will help baby become more comfortable and adaptable to his/her new surroundings. Make sure that baby still has his routine, this was a difficult one! Try to get baby to nap and eat around his/her normal nap/feeding schedule.

With all of the above been said I strongly suggest packing a month ahead of time.

Two weeks have past since the move…which took 2 days!! We have finally settled into our new home. It’s so peaceful and quiet compared to our last home (one of the reasons why we left). Our little angel is still trying to adapt to such a huge change, which has resulted in 2 weeks of 3-4 hours sleep. I’m sure that teething is also a strong factor. He finally cut his two top teeth last week! Almost four weeks after he cut his bottom two at the same time! (I promise to post those pics in the next post) Our little angel can also clap his hands and sing!

Our routine has sadly suffered with the unpacking and sorting out. This week we are back on track!

1459129_10153064908171187_5686895045654321655_n (1)
Absolutely loving his own play room!
Our silly little pumpkin!
Those two little teeth!
Baby’s got his own playroom!
Can’t believe he will be 8 months soon!




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