Do you need some assistance losing weight?

It takes 12 weeks!

There is no magic formula when it comes to weight loss.
Each  person is different, has different goals, motivations and Challenges.

By asking  the right questions I am able to pinpoint underlying causes and motivations.

My holistic, customised approach has helped my clients
not only achieve their weight and fitness goals, but assist them to to stick with
their lifestyle changes afterwards.

If you are someone who wants to change but believes the challenge is too
great and there is nothing anyone can do to change your bumble bee genes, I  have this question for you:

Why do you feel you need to change? And if you saw those changes (for example, a flatter stomach) what other changes would you see in your life as a result?


Once your motivations are internal, for yourself and not for others’ approval, then, with the right support, you more likely to succeed.




  1. Hi thanks for the email and yes I’m well I’ve been lacking to follow on the nutrient you sent me because of the festive season but I’ve manage to start afresh and do my exercise at least 5x a week with an add up of skipping and squats and since I’m no longer breastfeeding I’m drinking a Fat Burn Concertrate which I’ve started a week now. Its hard to stay away on the baked food because I love my cookies, muffins, biscuits which I eat them once in a while. I can live without them but I can crave them and not be able to resist.

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