I apologise for being MIA….

Our little angel turned 6 months yesterday! 

2015-01-27 10.59.02


2015-01-27 10.58.20




I’ve recently heard a lot about the latest trend of having a half birthday for your angel when they turn 6 months old.


I would to hear what other mommies have to say!

Please leave a comment below and let me know:

A: It’s a great way to celebrate baby with family and friends

B: It’s just another money making trend

C: I wouldn’t do

D: Yes, I had a half birthday for my angel! 





  1. To be honest I don’t believe in it and I also don’t believe in big first birthday parties but that’s just me. I do like the “smash the cake” idea. We did it for my daughter and it was so much fun! We got such great pictures too.

  2. Firstly, you boy is SO cute.

    We didn’t make a big deal about our son’s 6 month birthday. My husband is a very “Why, for what?” kind of person so I would have gotten ‘Are you crazy’ kinda looks from him. But I would have to agree that it seems to be a waste of money. We didn’t go big on his first birthday, but we did have a small celebration. Including a smash cake his dad made for him.

    Having said all that, I firmly believe each to their own. Parents should celebrate their children however they want. That half cake is pretty cute.

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