The Busy Mommy’s Workout!



I’m sure we can all relate to this workout plan! Quick, effective exercises that you can do during the day to get that lean, toned, sexy mamma physique…while getting your daily routine done!

1 set of 15-20 Deep squats for those toned lean thighs and tight buns (Every time you need to bend down, drop it like a squat! )

1 set of 15-20 Curl ups and leg lifts with baby in your arms to tighten and lose that tummy & give those legs some definition  (When watching your favorite series or soapy)

1 set of 12-15 Diamond Push ups to tone those arms   After every nappy and clothing change)

1 set of 12-15 Plié squats while holding baby for resistance 2-3 x day great for bonding and toning and tightening those inner thighs!

1 set of 15-20 leg squat, tummy knee crunch & donkey kick combo great to burn extra fat & boost that metabolism with a natural tummy tuck, butt lift and lean thighs (While the kettle boils or while the microwave is on)

Rocking side – to – side toe lifts are great for those outer thighs and calves. (to gently rock baby to sleep during the day and at night)

15 minutes of Dancing with baby in your arms for extra cardio ( Play your favorite songs sing-a-long and have some fun with your little one) Great way to boost your mood and bond with baby.

I also recommend a 30 minute walk with baby in a sling for extra resistance and more fat burning or in a stroller and working those arms. Great for mom and baby to get some fresh air, relax and improve sleep.

Try walking on the beach or find a route in your neighborhood with some incline.


Remember to always keep your back straight and tummy tight during each exercise, also make sure that you are performing the exercise in a safe manner when holding baby.






Always consult your health care practitioner before starting any exercise program



  1. […] It’s very important that you are following a healthy diet by eliminating fatty foods, drinking lots of water to flush out any toxins and daily massage when applying the gel or cream to increase circulation. Exercise is also very important. I’ve been exercising daily following a good toning and cardio workout to tighten and tone and burn any excess fat. You can find the link here. […]

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